Craniosacral work

cranial-sacral-bCraniosacral Work is a soothing, noninvasive, hands-on therapy using exquisitely sensitive and exact finger pressure on very accurate points on the body. The craniosacral system includes the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the system of membranes inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum but a craniosacral session is not limited to those areas nor is it limited to the physical. Craniosacral therapy focuses upon optimizing the position, the fluid movement (wave) and energy of the craniosacral system. Focusing on differing wave states and tides that often bring an opening to stillness or deep unwinding.  The still, meditative quality Craniosacral work provides helps one to transition from the Sympathetic nervous system often associated with “fight or flight” to the Parasympathetic nervous system associated with “rest and digest”.  When one is able to transition into the Parasympathetic nervous system one is able to rest and digest life  more fully. Often allowing one to feel their natural vitality return and restore balance. The stillness that is often discovered from these particular craniosacral holds allows ones system to settle enough and to feel held in just the right way that their body can feel safe to rest.


Craniosacral Work is an evolution out of Cranial Osteopathy, a specialization of the osteopathic profession that was introduced to the world in the 1930s by an American osteopath and visionary called William Garner Sutherland.

I have been studying a particular form of Craniosacral work called Visionary Craniosacral. Hugh Milnes Visionary Craniosacral work focuses on developing the practitioner’s ability to open to multiple channels of perception and create a heart connection with our clients. In particular, it deepens our ability to be present with ourselves as we connect with our client’s inner experience. The ability to do this is called ‘the heart of listening.’  Knowing how to touch a client with precise and gentle contacts that help the client feel more aligned, and more at home in themselves. Sometimes, by touching just the right place in just the right way, it can help a client understand what troubles them, and what they need to reclaim their equanimity, and their place in life. It can give people the experience of emptiness or of sacredness. Such work can also help the client access and release their healing potential.

Benefits of Craniosacral work…

cranial-sacral-aThis exquisitely sensitive, subtle and careful modality is highly effective in addressing common physical, emotional, and energetic issues. It may also help with symptoms of chronic back and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, migraine and tension headaches, whiplash injury, sinusitis, chronic fatigue, depression, exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and stress-related illness. Receiving cranialsacral work can be used as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. The meditative states that are encountered are ideal for exploring deeper realms of who we are. The use of this work may be appropriate for people working through addictions or challenging life transitions, desiring a deeper contact with their emotional body, and/or seeking greater understanding of their spiritual self.