“Noora creates and holds the space for deep relaxation and healing. She works with intention and clarity while inviting the body to open, communicate and release. With her therapeutic touch and guidance I finally came to understand how to heal a tendency towards chronic tendonitis in my wrist. I highly recommend her services!”  -Emily Light, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher

“Noora’s work has transformed the way that I feel in my body and about my body. Her touch is seamless, intuitive and loving. In the past two years she was able to help me release some deep holdings and traumas in my body and did so with the utmost care and grace. I highly recommend her work. Thank you, Noora.” -Eleanor Gordon

“Massage with Noora is the greatest treat you can give yourself! She has an intuitive touch that leads her through the massage and provides exactly what you need. Her warm and caring nature makes it all feel like a loving embrace.” Lynn P.

“While getting a massage with Noora I had a wonderful experience. Such a stillness and peace came over me. I’ve had massages before, but never felt like that. It was like being completely content. I can’t wait to get back to Portland and have another.” Yvonne S. Lady

“Noora is such an intuitive and skilled massage therapist- my favorite one in town as a matter of fact!
I have seen her all during pregnancy and postpartum and she was so great to make sure I was comfortable all through out the session and was able to release my SI-Joint pain every time I saw her.
I love how she brings the deeper meaning of tension/ pain in my body to the surface. Her questions always helped my inquire into layers that I wouldn’t have found myself.
Another aspect I really appreciate about Noora’s work is that her strokes can be really slow if needed and not every therapist has the knowledge of this. This way I was always able to deeply relax and trust even if we went to areas that were really tight.
I am sending everyone who is in need for a wonderful massage to Noora!” Janine B.

“Noora has the perfect combination of strength, skill, experience, intuition, and compassion to administer an extremely healing, regenerative, and relaxing massage.  Noora’s awareness and ability to be fully present in the massage is the ingredient that connects everything.  If you are not currently regularly receiving massages (once a month for me), then I highly recommend that you invest wisely in your present and future health and state of being by beginning to regularly receive professional massages.  And I strongly recommend that you contact Noora to begin.”
Adam W.